Airloop Glove Drying Ring

Airloop Glove Drying Ring


Product Description

  • The Airloop is the plastic ring that expands inside gloves and mitts to increase needed airflow
  • Decreases drying time and mitt odors
  • Made from Polypropylene


Product Reviews

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    Posted by CRAIG DALTON on Jul 21st 2016

    as a fighter im always sweating my butt off at BERGER MMA so my boxing and mma gloves get wet and stinky thanks to the loops there nice and dry try ur shinpads too want ur gear to stay dry give AIRLOOP a try thank u to my sponsor AIRLOOP GLOVE DRYING RINGS AND REVGEAR STAND UP FOR MY MMA DREAMS

  2. Perfect

    Posted by tara graff on Apr 7th 2016

    I am an amateur fighter and I'd have to say I love these airloops!! As fighters (and with anything else) when we train hard we sweat hard! Without the proper ventilation your gloves will become stinky and nasty, well these airloops are the PERFECT ventilation system just for that! I highly recommend giving these a try because they work GREAT for me!!

  3. Dark Horse MMA Review

    Posted by Tina Brown on Oct 13th 2015

    As manager and fighter for Dark Horse MMA, I wanted to say how much having Airloop Glove Drying Ring's have helped out our team. As anyone who trains knows, it doesn't take long before wet gloves and shin pad become pretty smelly. Our team uses the rings in our gloves and shin pads and they not only keep our equipment from smelling, but keeps them hygienic and safe. We consider them a very important addition to our team. I bought some new Revgear gloves and shin pads several months ago, and have never put them away without using the rings. They dry out between practices and have remained odor free!


    Posted by COACH MIKE on Jul 15th 2015

    Myself and the Infiniti Kombatives MMA Team discovered these gems a few months ago. And to be completely honest i dont know how i got by without them for so many years, dealing with all the sweaty smells and bacteria. These glove drying rings have completely changed the way my gloves, shin guards, and car smell. And now i know that there is less bacteria and germs floating around the gym. Thank you so much AIRLOOPS

  5. Lovin the Loops at P4P Fitness

    Posted by Amber on Mar 29th 2015

    Several of us at Pound 4 Pound Fitness have been using the Airloop Glove Drying Rings in our gloves! WE LOVE THEM! Our gloves dry out much faster so there is less glove funk floating around our home away from home! Thanks to Airloop our kids class is well on their way to good glove and hand hygiene! LOVE THE LOOPS!!!

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Airloop Glove Drying Ring

Airloop Glove Drying Ring

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