Defender Gel Shin Guard

Defender Gel Shin Guard

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* EVA high performance RAM-Force™ technology padding
* Anti shock Rev-Tech Gel™ protector shield
* Diametric strap system with Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure straps
* Adjustable straps close in opposite directions to prevent slipping
* Extra cushion on back of leg to prevent strap irritation and provide extra protection
* Pre-curved ContouR Profile; no need to break-in
* Sold in pairs 

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  1. Defender shin guards A+

    Posted by North Dallas Mixed Martial Arts on Mar 16th 2015

    Our students love these shin guards. They mold to your shin and the straps have padding which helps to keep them in place. No more adjusting! We have some 240lb guys and they love them. Easy on and off. These are our #1 choice for all our students.

  2. The Defenders!

    Posted by Jon Cardoza on Nov 27th 2014

    the defenders are awesome! i love the gel padding. they fit and protect better then all the other shin guards I've used. The best part is how easily you can put them on and take them off.


    Posted by CHRIS on May 19th 2014


  4. defender gel shin guards

    Posted by Mike Lent on Mar 29th 2014

    Very comfortable, great protection and easy to clean. Work well for Krav Maga.

  5. beginner muay thai practitioner

    Posted by Walter Bautista on Jun 26th 2012

    i never tried to use any other shin guard so i have nothing to compare this guards whit but so far i love them. No complains from my guards :-)

  6. If i only had a pair.

    Posted by Daniel Minaya jr. on May 17th 2012

    These are great taking a kick is extremely easy with these and throwing a kick has some tweaks but i have only tryed them twice unfortunately wish i had my own pair.

  7. Awesome product

    Posted by Andy on Apr 6th 2012

    Great product . Well built from excellent material . I do heavy sparring at a American Top Team affiliate and these pads hold up and stay in place with only minimal adjustment needed and are comfortable to wear for hours of training with superior protection . Any one going through the usual headaches with there pads like twisting around on your leg the first time you throw a kick , buy these ..... you wont be disappointed .

  8. Very good, could be great.

    Posted by Daniel on Apr 6th 2012

    After using the standard foam shin guards at my Krav Maga school and getting little protection I decided to step up and get a better quality pair. These shin guards work well. They're solid and stay in place. Two tiny issues keep me from giving them a five star review. The pads that run under the straps do have a tendency to slip on me so I have to push them back under the strap every once in a while. Maybe after more use they'll form-fit to my calf and not move as much. Maybe they can be designed to be a bit rounded in manufacturing to lessen the break-in period(?). Second, I wear wrestling shoes with these guards. The elastic strap that goes behind the heel could have just a quarter to a half inch more stretch to make it easier to get them on and off over a shoe.

  9. Man...

    Posted by Blake on Apr 6th 2012

    Great shin guard. I'm 6'2 and fight lightweight. I have not-big legs, so every time I throw a kick, whether it lands or is checked, I have to readjust my guard multiple times in a round. These things STAY PUT! Training at American Top Team, I go with some good guys. 5 rounds of Muay Thai, lots of kicks, never touched them. Good padding keep the velcro off my skin and the buckles don't dig in. Good closure system stayed secure the whole session. Great protection for both guys up front. Only problem is there is NO padding in the ankle, but maybe I should stop landing with my ankle :)

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Defender Gel Shin Guard

Defender Gel Shin Guard

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