Focus Paddles

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1.250 LBS

Ease up on your elbows, shoulders and wrists with these fully padded, flexible striking paddles. The compact design is ideal for fluid movements, speed, working defense and combination punching. 100% genuine leather cover assures extra-long durability. Trusted and relied on by professional trainers worldwide for adding more varied angles and striking targets, as well as incorporating defense into training. Alleviates constant pounding on the joints for both the trainer and the fighter. Sure-grip anatomically correct handles with a nylon wrist security lanyard keeps paddles secure, even during the most intense training.

Each paddle measures 15” high x 7” wide x 1.75” thick. 

Sold in Pairs

EASY ON THE ELBOWS AND SHOULDERS - Paddles help your body absorb less blows than traditional mitts

VERSATILE - Great for working offense and defense

MADE TO LAST - 100% genuine leather

HOLD ON - Nylon wrist straps help the holder when your hands get sweaty


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