Focus Sticks

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1.000 LBS

Revgear Focus Sticks are an innovative and elite training tool to help coach athletes to the highest level.  Develop pin-point precision and accuracy with all punches and combinations for every skill level.  The Revgear Focus Sticks are professionally padded targets that trainers an use in place of or in conjunction with punch mitts.  The innovative design offers ideal punching resistance, yet allows trainers to tap and lightly tap athletes hands to work offense and defense at the same time.  

The sticks come complete with attached wrist lanyards that keep the sticks from slipping out of the trainers hands

Sold in pairs.

Each stick measures: 17.75 tall and 1.5" thick

WORK SLIPS AND COUNTERS – These sticks help bridge the gap when your arms are shorter than the person you are training

SHORTER BREAKS, BETTER TRAINING – The lanyards help you keep going when your hands get sweaty – a stick gets knocked out of your hands, you don’t have to stop to pick it up.

EASY ON THE WRISTS – Helps you train people like mitts or conventional targets, but with much less impact on your wrists or elbows

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