Krav Maga DVD Series and Shield Kit - Includes DVD set, Shields, Training Knife and Training Gun -Free Shipping

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Get this full set of Krav Maga DVDs and the tools you need to practice your training. 

The package includes the full Krav Maga DVD Series:

  • Introduction to Krav Maga: The Origins of the Israeli Self Defense System
  • Line of Fire: Defending Against Handgun Threats
  • Basic Combatives: Striking Techniques for Self-Defense and Fighting
  • Best Defense: Self Defense Techniques for Men and Women
  • On the Edge: Defending Against Common Knife Attacks DVD

The kit also includes:

  • Plastic Training Gun
  • Training Knife - Rubber 5" Blade
  • "Heavy Hitter" Kick Shield (Made in the USA)
  •  Tombstone Target Shield (Made in the USA)





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