Krav Maga Leather Grappling Gloves

Krav Maga Leather Grappling Gloves

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* 2" wide elastic wrap
* Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure
* Made from leather
* Tight fit

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  1. GREAT gloves for both striking and grappling!

    Posted by Will B. on Mar 4th 2017

    First, customer service was 5 stars, because they don't have 6! Gloves shipped and delivered within days, from west coast to east coast.

    Gloves are everything I was hoping for. Top quality item. A word of caution however. They do run a bit small in my opinion. Just take that to account when ordering and you should be fine.

    Highly recommended!

  2. Good, but rough

    Posted by Mike Jones on Dec 12th 2014

    These gloves are built to last, but the padding is rougher than most. Fit a bit large.

  3. Krav Maga Leather Grappling Gloves

    Posted by TRW on Oct 24th 2012

    Great gloves and Revgear is awesome to purchase thru. Very please all around with my purchase!

  4. Great gloves

    Posted by Matt on Jul 15th 2010

    These are the best gloves I've used. They fit very well and hold up to what I've put them through so far. Well made.

  5. Great gloves!

    Posted by Michelle on May 18th 2010

    I love these gloves! I've tried several pair and these are the best I've found so far. They fit very, very well and they cover more of my knuckles than other gloves, which cuts down cuts and bruises on the knuckles. The leather is very good quality and feels like it will last. Also, the pads on the back of the hand are substantial, but not so thick that you can't get your gloved hand into focus mitts.

  6. Krav Maga-Grapppling Gloves

    Posted by Richard on Feb 7th 2010

    Great buy, fit is perfect.Best pair of glove I've owned.Comfort is second to none even when worn with wraps.

  7. awesome gloves

    Posted by grlfghtr on Oct 14th 2008

    these gloves are an awesome fit! as small as my hands are, these actually fit a lot better than some of the other pairs of gloves that i own. i dont get the ripped blisters from pushing myself beyond its limit while i wear these! i highly recommend a pair if you are starting out with soft hands since these gloves offer cover for both knuckles on your fingers. you may still need wraps, but i havent had that problem yet with these pair either!

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Krav Maga Leather Grappling Gloves

Krav Maga Leather Grappling Gloves

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