Kutting Weight Sweat Shirt

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* The Kutting Weight Sweat Shirt helps you to achieve your goals of shedding those hard to lose extra pounds and improving your overall mental and physical fitness
* This sweat shirt is so effective that it will help you lose water weight during fitness boot camp, running, hiking, lifting weights, wrestling, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, snowboarding and every other type of exercise you can think of!
* The Kutting Weight Sweat Shirt is unique among sauna shirts in that it is made from neoprene and has been designed to be worn underneath your clothes
* The neoprene construction makes it far more comfortable that the cumbersome, thick, plastic sauna shirts sold by competitors
* The Kutting Weight Sweat Shirt is the pinnacle of Sauna shirt design and combines the best aspects of function and comfort to bring you a top quality product!
* This shirt is 1.5 mm thick of triple reinforced and built for your toughest workouts
* For a full Kutting Weight Suit, see 41004
* Unisex

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