MMA Top to Bottom Package

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MMA Top to Bottom Package

All of the great MMA gear you need to get ready for the gym, in one complete package.

MMA Top to Bottom Package includes:

  • Deluxe Pro MMA Gloves - Black - Large
  • Grappling Shin Guard - Freestyle
  • Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard - Blood Thirsty

P R O D U C T   D E T A I L S


Many of the world's top pro fighters have already converted to this sparring glove because it’s built like a competition glove.

  • GREATER-COMFORT – BECAUSE IT MOLDS TO YOUR HAND: 7 ounces of advanced Rev-Tech™ gel padding instantly molds to your hands.
  • LESS HAND-FATIGUE – FOR LONGER TRAININGS: Train all day, every day with these ultra-comfortable gloves, because the extra-thick double padding on top of the hand is split by stitching to decrease hand fatigue.
  • ULTRA-PROTECTION OF KNUCKLES: Double lightweight RAM-Force™ technology padding covers first and second knuckles, hand, and thumb providing maximum protection, even for your middle knuckles.
  • PREVENTS SKIN IRRITATION: Soft interior lining prevents skin irritation during long hours of use, while helping keep the glove dry.
  • USE WITH OR WITHOUT HAND-WRAPS: Glove shape and size allow you to wear hand wraps underneath.
  • ULTRA-DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Engineered for long-lasting performance, these gloves are strengthened with reinforced stitching to help take a pounding, even from the heaviest hitters.
  • FLEXIBLE 100% SOFTECH™ LEATHER – WON’T SLOW YOU DOWN: Constructed of the finest 100% Softech™ cowhide leather, giving you the comfortable broken-in feel and protection you want, without restricting your MMA movements.
  • NO-SCRATCH GRAPPLING: Extra wrist wrapping protects against scratching you or your opponent while grappling.
  • EXTRA WRIST COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Extra long wrist wrap provides the extra wrist support you need. The synthetic microfabric draws sweat away from your skin for greater breathability and hand-comfort.
  • Sold as pairs


  • Ideal for any martial arts but uniquely designed for grappling
  • Neoprene sleeve slides
  • Leather guard for durability and protection
  • Diametric straps with Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure straps
  • Sold in pairs


  • LIKE CUSTOM – BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST: Boil-N-Mold gets fitted to the shape of your mouth – just like a custom made-to-order mouth guard.
  • DESIGNED BY DENTISTS: Engineered by dentists for accurate, flexible and confident fit and the ultimate protection and comfort.
  • EASIER TO BREATHE AND TALK THAN STANDARD MOUTH GUARDS: With a perfect fit comes a perfect suction, that makes it much easier to breathe and talk.
  • PROTECTS SENSITIVE GUMS: SportShield Technology™ and double injection molding allows the guard to mold above the gum line, providing added protection to sensitive gums, lips and facial tissues susceptible to injury during orafacial trauma.
  • UP TO THREE-TIMES THE PROTECTION OF STANDARD MOUTH GUARDS: With a density of up to 4mm in thickness in key areas, Fight Dentist™ mouth guards provide up to 3 times the protection and five times the durability of other mouth guards, out-lasting and out-performing traditional EVA guards in both protection and durability.
  • Can be worn with braces.

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