Ronin Training Knife

Ronin Training Knife


Product Description

  • Designed to make your training more effective by adding the psychological aspect of handling an assault with a realistic folding blade
  • This heavy-duty spring assist knife features a drilled 3.25" stainless steel rounded & dulled blade which opens with a touch of the lever 
  • Ideal for all types of knife training. Solid metal construction with belt clip, liner lock, thumb lug and 'spring assist lever'
  • 4.5" closed, 8" open. This enhances your training by making it more 'reality based'; something most plastic or wooden knives don't provide
  • With this knife you can practice disarming techniques and create different scenarios of attack 
  • Perfect for martial arts schools, police departments and military training
  • There are no sharp edges to cause serious injury

Note: this knife has a dull practice blade which cannot be sharpened

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  1. Ronin training knife

    Posted by Barbara Wowk on Sep 13th 2016

    This is the next best thing to training live. We get too used to training with rubber knives that we know won't hurt and this leads to sloppy technique. The Ronin knife is solid without a sharp edge and it's smaller than the rubber training knives--making it all the more realistic. When an attacker flips the knife open, it imparts a lot more respect than the rubber knives ever did. I wouldn't recommend it for rank beginners but the more advanced student will certainly benefit from training with this.

  2. Best folding training knife I've used!

    Posted by Don Frack on Jul 10th 2014

    It functions exactly the way a real spring assisted folder would. It's made of high quality metal, and locks tight. I've had other folding trainers that did not open well and had rubber or plastic on the handle that deteriorated over time. Even after dropping this knife numerous times while open, it did not loosen the main working parts. It is even durable for sparring training that is usually reserved for fixed bladed trainers only.

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Ronin Training Knife

Ronin Training Knife

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