Tips on how to choose the right boxing gloves for you

Do boxing gloves offer true protection of the fighter’s hands?

There was a time when boxing was done with bare hands. But as the game progressed, bare hand boxing was banned. Some people say that boxing gloves are better for the hands than fighting with bare-knuckles. But there are some people who still believe that bare hand boxing is much better than gloved boxing.

But it is obvious that Boxing gloves are designed to reduce the impact of the punch. Even though many fighters have stated that they would like to fight with bare hands more.

But in general, for most fighters and martial artists, boxing gloves are a much better option, especially for reducing wear and tear on the hands.

Especially in extended training, sparring, and punching of heavy bags, gloves provide the needed protection for hands, bones and connective cartilage, helping reduce the opportunity for injury and, in many cases, even extending the careers for professional fighters.

If you are doubtful that greater professionalism of the sport and introduction of boxing gloves have helped, then you should have a look at this fact:

β˜… The bare-knuckle boxing matches were fought as the last man standing match. Therefore, these matches lasted for hours.

By contrast, today’s professional boxing matches are limited in time, helping reduce the possibility of injury for the fighters.

The numerous combat sports have led to the variation of boxing gloves. But in all of them, the main goal for using the gloves is to reduce the potential for injury. So, if you are doubtful, then clear up your doubts as it is much better to fight with gloves instead of bare hand fighting. 



This is how gloves can prevent serious injuries and damage to the fighter:

β˜… The gloves fit around the fist and wrist perfectly, which provides protection to hands and fingers.

β˜… The padding of boxing gloves reduces the intensity of the impact.

β˜… With the glove’s protection, you will be able to utilize your strength and power much more effectively.

β˜… The gloves also increase the surface area which reduces the shock to the hands and wrists.

As more emphasis is laid on the protection features of the gloves. Therefore, it can be said that boxing gloves are used for protection not to do more damage. You can also think of using head gears for additional protection during the boxing match.

Do heavier boxing gloves cause a greater impact?

Well, this is a complicated question. When it comes to weight, the measurements serve various purposes for the boxers. When people go to the store to buy the gloves, they usually get the option to choose the weight of the gloves. Normally, the weight of the gloves increases with extra padding and protection. So, if you want to know whether heavy boxing gloves really cause a greater impact, then you will be amazed to know that only a small fraction is affected by the weight.

Therefore, it is vital that you choose the weight of the boxing gloves smartly. It is better that you fight with gloves on instead of fighting bare hands. Here’s how gloves weight makes a difference in a real boxing match. As the weight of the gloves is determined by padding, the categories are listed below:

4 oz: This weight is marked for kids and young boxers to provide them lightweight gloves for training. The less weight ensures that the kids’ sensitive bones and joints stay properly protected. Still, the pads generally have enough padding to protect a child’s hand from many of the types of injuries that would be from bare knuckle fighting.

6 oz: This category of weight is also for kids. The young kids who’ve been in the game for quite some time can use this weight. Even a lady boxer can find gloves in this category. These boxing gloves usually don’t do much damage and offer sufficient protection.

8 oz: For teenagers, this weight of boxing gloves is suitable. These gloves can be used for amateur fights and competitions in the lightest division. And this weight of gloves is worn by high-profile boxing matches.

10 oz: The 10 oz gloves are worn in fairly light boxing matches. This weight is suitable for punching bags. But remember not to use them for sparring.

12 oz: This weight of the gloves is versatile for newcomers who want to make a onetime investment. They can be used for sparring and training sessions along with heavy bags.

14 oz: This is a solid, all around glove for someone who is about to switch to the heavier weight divisions. They are also available for all kinds of training and sparring.

16 oz: This weight is good for muscle workout session due to the extended weight and size.

18 oz: This weight of boxing gloves is suitable for heavyweight boxers. This weight can only be worn for sparring.

20 oz, 22 oz, and 24 oz: These weights exist but are less commonly used for matches. Bigger boxers can use these weights as they are the ones who can handle the weight.

The normal gloves don’t make much difference, but the padded gloves affect the hit in a considerable way. Depending on the material of the padding, the weight increases and decelerates the punch. This clearly signifies that weight does influence the energy of a person who is throwing the punch.

What do boxing gloves do?

This question is very complicated to answer. Every expert you ask, they will provide you with a different answer to the question. But the most common statement you’ll get as an answer is protection measures. The most significant part boxing gloves play in the sport is preventing the hand of the fighter from getting smashed.

Today, we all are living in a world where gloves are a vital part of the game. When you are punching in a combat sport without protection, the hands are more susceptible to damage. There are various ways - the hand can get damaged during fighting or training:

β˜… Striking: The main action of striking is the punch as hammer fists and back fists are illegal moves in boxing.

β˜… Blocking: This term is used when a person uses their hand to prevent themselves from getting hit. As a person tries to block the punches, they can get hit on the side of the hand, and even palm due to deflection.

During both these activities, the hands are at risk of getting damaged to a level where they can get permanently damaged. Askicking is banned in the boxing game, all you can do is hit with your hands. The boxing gloves are the best protection layer you can wear. So, if anyone asks you what does boxing gloves do, then you can tell them that they protect you from becoming physically disabled. 

It is not just the fist that throws the punch, it’s the arm, shoulder, and upper parts of the body that makes up the punch energy. Boxing gloves are a vital part of the fighter’s equipment, by protecting the puncher from injuries. Therefore, the significance of boxing gloves is quite clear.

You can think about training with weighted gloves too to experience the real benefits of using boxing gloves. They also help you in certain other aspects such as:

β˜… Develop Speed: The weighted gloves training provides you with an opportunity to train with more weight on your hands. As a result, your body overcomes resistance at a faster rate. Therefore, during the real match, the heavy gloves won’t feel like much weight on the hands.

β˜… Greater Strength and Stamina: The heavyweight boxing gloves exhaust you as much as possible thereby developing strength and stamina far greater than before.

β˜… Cardiovascular Endurance: The extra weight provides a full body workout resulting in greater cardiovascular endurance. This way, when you return to your traditional gloves, you will feel lighter and less exertion will be needed.

β˜… A Natural Feel: Some people think that training with dumbbells would also give the same results. But it is the weighted gloves that fit your hands not the dumbbells.

What do you wear under boxing gloves?

No matter what type of boxing game you are involved in, other than gloves, wearing hand wraps under the gloves is also important. They are typically strips of cloth wrapped around your hand and fastened with tape. Only after wrapping your hands, you get the right amount of protection from serious injuries.

Many people have concerns about whether wraps work or not. Luckily, they do. Wraps provide extra support to the small bones and tendons when you are about to punch someone. They act as a shock absorber for the hands. Along with that, the wraps also further protect the skin from tearing up and strains.

So, if someone asks you when you should wear hand wraps, then advise them to wear them all the time when they intend to put on boxing gloves. Whenever you are training with bags or another partner, make sure that you wrap your hands every time for the training bits. The hands must be protected during:

β˜…  Gym Training

β˜…  Sparring with a partner

β˜…  All real boxing matches

If you make a habit of putting on the wraps, then you’ll be able to keep your hands safe all the time. There are three types of wraps that you can choose from:

β˜… Tape and Gauze: They are the most protective and lightest option and come in various sizes.

β˜… Reusable Cloth: These are cost efficient wraps which has a wide array of options.

β˜… Elastic Bandage: This kind of wrap can stretch to take the form of your hand. They don’t loosen up during the workout and allows air to pass through.

Among these types of wraps, the professional boxers prefer using the tape and gauze. But the disadvantage of using the gauze and tape is that it requires assistance to be wrapped around your hand. Plus, they can’t be reused. Other types of wraps are reusable, but they are considered too thick. Therefore, the choice entirely depends on the boxer and his/her preferences.

As you use boxing gloves, you must also understand the value of wraps too. As the punches happen like showers during the matches, you need to protect your fingers, thumb, palm, knuckles, and wrist all at once. That’s why wrapping can help you to level up protection during the game. A good wrap can:

β˜… Provide extra protection for knuckles with additional padding

β˜… Prevent the knuckles from getting smashed together from the direct impact

β˜… Protect the fingers from getting pushed to the palm

β˜… Add an extra layer of padding around the backside to reduce the impact

β˜… Help to keep the wrist straight and decreases the risk of unwanted and sudden movements

β˜… Prevent sudden movements of the thumb too

As you can see, wearing wraps and boxing gloves can really help you train and fight without risking your hands. Both these gears can prevent the boxers from getting into an accident.

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