S3 Sentinel Pro Boxing Gloves

S3 Sentinel Pro Boxing Gloves

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The S3 Sentinel Pro Boxing Gloves are the latest evolution of our extremely popular Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Gloves. SOFTech™ leather gives a worn-in feel while the ANTI-SHOCK Rev-Tech Gel™, and RAM-Force™ Technology Padding reduces the shock on your arms and shoulders. The thumb is attached for added safety and the 3" Elastic and SOFTech™ leather combo wrist wrap makes these gloves tight and secure. An opening in the palm allows for increased ventilation.

  • SOFTech™ leather gives worn-in feel.
  • Attached thumb for safety.
  • ANTI-SHOCK Rev-Tech Gel™.
  • RAM-Force™ Technology Padding.
  • 3" Elastic and SOFTech™ leather combo making wrist wrap tight and secure.
  • Palm opening for increased ventilation.


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  1. 10/10 would recommend

    Posted by Victoria on Aug 3rd 2017

    I've been training for 9 almost 10 years and I've always used Revgear. I love the Sentinel gloves. They are the best pair of gloves I've ever owned and they are very durable and comfortable. I've had them in just about every color. If you are debating on getting these gloves I would say GET them you will not regret them. My favorite thing about them is the wrist support they provide.

  2. Best gloves ever,!!

    Posted by Sherry Reich on Dec 24th 2016

    I just purchased my second pair of these gloves. They cannot be beat! I use them 5 days a week and I have to say these are the best! The gel makes them comfortable and protect my hands, also very well made. I would recommend these to anyone who wants comfort and durability.

  3. S3 Pro Gloves

    Posted by Luis Bouza on Dec 19th 2016

    Great quality, fantastic finish in stitching and linings. Large elastic strap makes them easy to put on and take off during training.

  4. Best Gloves EVER!

    Posted by Jon Cardoza on Nov 27th 2014

    These gloves are the best EVER! I love these so much, they are ideal and best used for sparring, they are the perfect glove to hit someone with.

  5. Super Hero Gear

    Posted by Patrick Turner on Nov 9th 2014

    I've used other brands of gloves and gear, but nothing holds up and performs as well as Revgear. Built to be used day in and day out. Built smart so you don't get cut up by inside seams or having parts explode during workouts. As a kickboxing instructor - I need my gear to be the best and work harder than I do - Revgear delivers. I tell all my students if they want the best - go Revgear.

  6. durable for training

    Posted by George Roop on Oct 7th 2014

    These gloves have helped me go beastmode in training so many times. they have been thru thick and think for me during many training camps and they are still in great shape. thank you revgear for providing legit LONG LASTING equipment!

  7. Great Buy

    Posted by Kieran Killian on Mar 8th 2014

    Used these gloves training in LA, came back from my trip and ordered a pair straight away. Both extremely reliable and ideal for training. Won't regret purchasing them

  8. Comfy and Partner Friendly

    Posted by Andy Ogle, UFC Featherweight on Oct 11th 2013

    I love the gloves. They are very comfortable and also partner friendly due to the protective cover over the velcro. They are also the pound for pound best for the price.

  9. Love these gloves!

    Posted by Micah Hankins on Mar 20th 2013

    As a gym owner and head trainer it means a lot to me to have quality gear for myself and my clients. I have personally used these gloves for years, in fact I used one pair for over two years before I even had to replace them. Now let me put this in perspective, I not only use these gloves three to four times a week, I beat the hell out of them. I just bought my second pair a few months ago and to know they will last me a few years is a great feeling. I have several of my students using these gloves as well.

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S3 Sentinel Pro Boxing Gloves

S3 Sentinel Pro Boxing Gloves

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