Kutting Weight Suit

Kutting Weight Suit

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* The Kutting Weight Suit helps you to achieve your goals of shedding those hard to lose extra pounds and improving your overall mental and physical fitness
* This suit is so effective that it will help you lose water weight during fitness boot camp, running, hiking, lifting weights, wrestling, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, snowboarding and every other type of exercise you can think of!
* The Kutting Weight Suit is unique among sauna suits in that it is made from neoprene and has been designed to be worn underneath your clothes
* The neoprene construction makes it far more comfortable that the cumbersome, thick, plastic sauna suits sold by competitors
* The Kutting Weight Suit is the pinnacle of sauna suit design and combines the best aspects of function and comfort to bring you a top quality product!
* Unisex


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    Posted by Lolly Conejo on Jul 11th 2012

    Used my kutting weight pants today for the first time, size medium was a perfect fit and walked for two hours and really felt the heat within like 10 minutes. I had been using a snorkel suit forever but wanted pants due to thats where I need it the most.. I love them and will never part with them.. Thank you for creating them....

  2. outstanding product

    Posted by yancy on Feb 14th 2011

    I have tried diet pills and everything in between.bought this suit and lost 15 pounds in the first week, and im able to keep it of with a good diet. The suit is good it's durable and its hands down better than those plastic one's at most retail stores. if you have will power and need to cut weight fast this suit is the bomb

  3. Better than anything tried before

    Posted by Lorna on Oct 17th 2010

    I have walked 20 minutes a day for the last 2 years, I have used the abrocket fot the last year, and I have used the kutting weight for 3 weeks, and well, this sauna suit has given me the fastest and visible results ever. I highly recommend it, it is safe and natural.

  4. Good product

    Posted by Erica on Sep 15th 2010

    I myself am not using the suit but I bought it for my boyfriend because I hate the plastic bag looking suit he had before and found this to look cosmetically better. He was ecstatic when it arrived and brags about it all the time and I've had people contact me asking me where I got it. It does fit a little tight so if you're unsure you may want to go a size up.

  5. Serious Sweat!

    Posted by Jim on Aug 21st 2010

    I used the Kutting Weight suit for the first time a week ago. I wish I'd had it earlier in the year, when I had to drop 48 lbs. in 24 weeks for a bodybuilding competition! I went through TWO regular sauna suits. This suit fits like a glove, move, moves with me, and keeps my middle-aged joints warm and support. That, and I work up an AMAZING sweat in fairly short order. The first hour I used it, I dropped four pounds of water weight -- but the best part was that the elevation in body temperature (2 degrees over an hour) really helped keep the metabolism cranked for a couple of hours after that. This is a wonderful tool for dropping weight, on several levels.

  6. probably one of the smartest things ive invested i

    Posted by Hector on Feb 23rd 2010

    I gotta say this suit is truly unique in many ways, its very durable, flexible, and way better than other sauna suits that's out there, unlike sauna suits it doesn't break and leak water all over the place when u work out. i'm using this while i do taebo, running and using the ab rocket, it even caught my stepdad's attention. he actually ordered one too cuz mine don't fit him, lol! trust me if ur serious about wanting to get in shape, u gotta invest ur time and money on this suit!!!

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Kutting Weight Suit

Kutting Weight Suit

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