Hand Wraps

Martial Arts Hand Wraps

Martial Arts Hand Wraps

At Revgear, we proudly offer a wide variety of high-performance MMA hand wraps so you can train and compete with confidence. Whether you’re sparring or competing, using reliable martial arts hand wraps is critical. Not only do they protect your hands, but they also help support your wrists and thumbs. Wraps are also an important component to achieving a snug fit with your gloves.

Choose the Best Wraps for Your Needs

We carry a wide variety of martial arts hand wraps, in a huge assortment of colors to meet the needs for every combat sports athlete. Our wraps range from size: 120", 180" or 200", to style: elasticized herringbone, gauze bandage, tape or gel, to function: reusable or disposable. In addition, we offer accessories to properly care for your wraps so they last.

  • Elastic Hand Wraps
  • Cardio Wrap
  • Cardio Wrap Deluxe
  • Gel Hand Wraps
  • Premier Hand Wraps
  • Knuckle Protector
  • Cazador Gauze
  • Trainers Tape
  • Authentic Gauze Mexican Hand Wraps
  • Metal Hand Wrap Roller
  • Hand Wrap Wash Bag

Order High-Performance MMA Hand Wraps Today

Like all of our products, these martial arts hand wraps have been rigorously tested by world-class fight sport athletes for durability, performance, and overall quality. If you have any questions, give our helpful customer service team a call at 800-767-8288 or message us online now. Order pro-quality gear that maximizes your athletic growth potential at Revgear.

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