Kids Gear

Since 1996 – Revgear is best in the industry for kids gear! Here’s why our boxing gloves for kids are the best:
BEST GLOVE DESIGN: Wear for long hours without hand fatigue, because of the scientifically-designed fit and advanced materials (from more than 20 years of research into a youth’s growing musculature).
BEST SHOCK ABSORBING: Industry-leading high-impact gels, foams and cushioning provide the best fight-experience while protecting growing hands, limbs and face;
BEST FINGER PROTECTION: Padded middle knuckles and thumbs for extended training and fight sessions;
BEST WIDE-VIEW HEADGEAR: With extra-wide field of vision on our head gear and advanced protection for left, right and top of head;
BEST ENDURANCE-STITCHING – for longer product life, even with extensive use and wear-and-tear, especially from hard kicks, punches and equipment-damaging maneuvers.
Try ours once. You will never look at another piece of kids gear, youth Martial Arts or Fight Gear again!

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