Quality Martial Arts Weapons for Training

Using quality martial arts weapons during your training can help you learn practical techniques for sport or defense training. At Revgear, we offer a wide range of martial arts training weapons that are safe enough to use at any academy or dojo.

Select Your Weapon of Choice

Our selection of quality martial arts weapons includes training weapons for a variety skill levels and disciplines. Choose from the following options:

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

As the original California fight sports brand, Revgear is committed to providing our community with the products, service, and respect it deserves. If you’re not fully satisfied with your martial arts training weapons, send them back within 14 days for an exchange or refund.

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At Revgear, we believe that the quality of the equipment you use for training and exhibitions has a direct affect on your overall performance. That’s why we only carry quality martial arts weapons, from traditional swords and sais to contemporary training guns and knives. For assistance with your order, please call 800-767-8288, or feel free to message us online for a fast response. Choose Revgear to get the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

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