Tips on how to make a heavy bag workout work for you

Do punching bags make you stronger?

People often wonder whether the punching bag training session makes you stronger over other exercise regimens. Well, you have to understand one thing for sure, that heavy bag punching requires a lot of strength and stamina. Therefore, when you learn how to punch a bag, you get a chance to make yourself stronger than ever.




If you are still doubtful about the effectiveness of heavy bags punching, then you should look at these points. As heavy bags are primarily designed to build up fighting skills, it also requires certain physical strength. Here’s how punching bags makes you stronger:

v  Improves Stamina and Endurance: As you begin your sessions, you will realize that you get exhausted from punching a bag in just 2 minutes. The exhaustion leads to an increase in heart rate, oxygen supply, and blood circulation. Also, your heart and lungs adapt to harsh training and improve its functioning to stay healthy and strong. As you work hard, your system will work much harder to ensure that you don’t run out of stamina and endurance.

v  Helps to Build Upper Body Strength: Without any doubt, a heavy bag helps a person to make significant changes in the upper body strength. People think that it is just the hands and shoulder that works to throw a punch. But, the hands, shoulder, waist, and all the muscles gather up to land a strong punch. You build your upper body strength, plus, as you constantly punch the bag, you develop speed and an ability to absorb the punches without getting hurt.

v  Build Strong Bones and Ligaments: The boxing bag workout affects the ligaments and tendons of the body. As you practice punching, you strengthen your bones and muscle by exposing them to a certain amount of pressure. Along with this, the ligaments develop strength as you work against high resistance bags.

It is quite obvious that muscles become strong when they have to face resistance more often. Therefore, if you force your body to work as hard as you can then your body will soon adapt to the conditions and stop responding drastically in such a situation. The routine will become normal for your body and that’s how you gain strong muscles from resistance training. When you punch a bag, you throw a huge amount of force which comes at you.

To develop the strength you need, you can try out the following punching moves:

  • Jab, Cross, Hook, and Upper Cut
  • Ground and Pound
  • Turbo Punches

To develop actual strength you need to improve your power. And the heavy bags give you a perfect opportunity to enhance your punching power. As you focus all your muscles towards a certain point, you get strong with each and every punch you throw. 

Does boxing tone your body?

If you’ve just started working out and getting more and more recommendations for heavy bag training, then you should start it as soon as possible. People are often doubtful about boxing techniques and the role it can play to keep the human body fit and healthy. But the real fact is that boxing really helps to tone up various parts of the body.

Boxers draw their punching power from the ground to their hands. The entire body works as a whole to throw the punch. Therefore, it is clear that boxing really affects your various body parts. But do you know which body parts get toned up during a boxing training session?

  • Calves: Starting from the bottom, your calves are one of the strongest muscles of the body. They help you to lift up your heels and press your toes into the ground. When you throw a punch, the movements of your legs also matters a lot. As you move forward slightly, the calves build up the motion for the punch.
  • Legs: The quadriceps and hamstrings are two of the main muscles of the thigh. Once the calves initiate the punch, these muscles provide the power they need. They help you to move your body in the upward direction of the punch. These muscles also allow you to stand up higher and to sit down while punching. The bob movement boxing is controlled by these two muscles mainly.
  • Hips: The glutes are the biggest muscle of the body. And they play a major role in throwing a punch as they are responsible to twist your body. Punching is a very rational movement which involves turning of the spine. As the punch moves from the legs to your torso, glutes take over the power and turn it towards the core.
  • Core: The core is a big group of muscles that starts from your shoulders and ends at the bottom of your hip and covers everything in between. To move forward with the punch, the core gathers up additional strength and adds it to the punch.
  • Abs and Lower Back: The twist motion that started from the glutes are also carried to the abs muscle. The abs muscle builds the rotation and power and the lower back contributes to the power.
  • Shoulders: The most effective part of the punch is the shoulders which have to draw all the power and strength of towards the arms. It is the deltoid muscle of shoulder that filters the power through the joints. Even after you throw the punch, you’ll feel a certain amount of burning from the exertion.
  • Arms: Both Biceps and Triceps contribute a lot. It is obvious that when you throw a punch, you extend your elbow and when you do that, the triceps muscle gets extended. The biceps muscles are most commonly used when you throw a hook or uppercut.

As you can see, from the leg to the fist, every small movement of the body sums up the punching power. Therefore, you must try the heavy bag training if you want to get a toned body. 

Do punching bags build muscle?

You might have seen that all boxers have a lean and toned physique. And when they step into the ring, all their muscles get highlighted clearly. And we all think about how they got all these muscles. Well, the answer is quite clear, heavy bag punching. Building muscles is a challenging thing to do but not impossible. So, if you want to build strong muscles and show them off, then you have to get a specific boxing training regimen.

Heavy bags workout sessions are a great way to maintain the shape of the body and improve your fighting skills. Just a 30-minute training session can make a big difference in your physical structure. As punching heavy bags is a high-intensity workout, you get a cardiovascular workout too which further improve strength. Some of the best boxing combinations or techniques that you can try to build great muscles are given below:

Power Punching:

This technique involves shoulder, arms, and back muscles. If you add heavy body strikes, then you can transform the power punching technique into a complete upper body workout. Make sure that you throw the punches in a bunch. Start with a basic warm-up session including leg movement. Try jabs and hooks and as the bag moves around, move with it. Include the motions like ducking and bobbing your head to be in rhythm with the bag and then do a set of strikes to the head area and then do a set with the lower strikes. As you punch, try to focus on one point and hit the same point as often as possible. Do this same combination over and over with full intensity and you’ll see your muscles popping out.

Fast Hitting Combos:

To ensure that you don’t just get the upper body muscles, you should try out the fast hitting combos. In this technique, you will combine speed and a variety of moves for a single target and then throw them all at once. It is like drilling all the moves you have like a weapon. A speed combo will help you to develop accuracy and a range of muscles will work together simultaneously. You can try jab, cross, hook, uppercut with light intensity but faster speed. This will pump up your heart and you will be able to get to the full speed and intensity gradually building your muscles up.

Knockout Drill:

The most effective technique to develop full body muscle is the four set knock out the drill. This includes four sets starting with the light and warm-up session. Then move on to the stiffen punches and focus less on dodging. Up to the third set, try to make powerful combinations such as the cross, left hook and a stiff jab. By the fourth set, throw knockout punches only and engage the hip abductors and dorsi muscles and put as much power as you can in the punch.

Other than that, you also try other heavy bag punching combination to build smooth and strong muscles. 

Does a heavy bag improve punching power?

When you really hit a heavy bag, that’s when you realize how much power and strength you need to do it right. When an inexperienced person hit a bag, a crackling sound comes from it. But when you throw a punch with power with an intention to hit it, you won’t make that much noise. It’s because you require power to hit a bag correctly. Many coaches say that heavy punching power is more like a gift. But with proper training and practice, that power can also be developed.

So, its’ okay if you weren’t born with extraordinary power. You can gradually build that power in your punches with heavy bag training. But to increase the power, you need to hit it right. Here’s how you can develop power by punching and training with heavy bags:

Punch It Out:

The key to punch harder is your willingness. If you want to increase the speed and power of your punch, then you must be willing to practice twice per week. You can begin with a 60-70 pound bag for the first month. After that, increase the weight up to 100 to 120 pounds. As the weight of the bag increases, the shock after the punch will also increase. Just one round will exhaust you and boost your intensity to work out thereby increasing your power.

Attend to Form and Conditioning:

If you are not conditioned, then you can hurt yourself while punching a heavy bag. You can practice the mechanics of shadow boxing along with body rotation. Establishing a base for both upper and lower body strength is very essential. You can engage in plyometric exercise for the upper and lower body strength. In addition, to condition yourself to increase the power of the punch, you will have to do regular exercises too such as squats, jumping exercises, knee bends, arms swinging, etc.

Try Plyo and Weights:

Yes, plyometric exercise can help you a lot to increase the power of your punch. Combination of plyo exercise with weighted punches can provide a strong workout session. You will throw harder punches and your fist will absorb more shock from the momentum. You’ll need to maintain the light hold on the weight while tightening up your grip at the point of impact. This will focus your punch and allow you to maintain a continuous motion. With this training, you will be able to increase your punching power and throw a punch much harder than before.

While you are trying to gain power, you need to follow some tips and cautions. As your hand's compromises of various small bones, muscles, and joints, and that’s why you should use hand wraps in order to provide protection to your hands while working out. Also, you should wear padded gloves rather than mitts for getting additional protection.

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