5 MMA Grappling Techniques to Try on Your Dummy

Posted by Revgear on Jul 11th 2012

Having a grappling dummy is very common amongst many MMA practitioners. So when you do decide to get one, where do you start? Here’s a list of basic, yet effective techniques to get you started!

1. The Armbar - This MMA technique is a classic. Something about seeing an elbow bending in the wrong direction makes it both cringe-worthy and memorable. Start by placing the dummy on his back (not as easy with a live opponent). Sit facing the dummy’s side with your legs over the chest. One or both of the dummy’s arms should be between your legs. Wrap your forearm around the wrist and pull back to extend the arm while also keeping them down with your legs. In a real bout, strike the opponent in the solar plexus or in the face to catch them off guard.

2. The Guillotine Choke - This chokehold means business. The guillotine choke is a tracheal compression choke, meaning it directly stops air from going into the lungs by constricting the throat. To try it on your grappling dummy, start on your knees facing the dummy. Simply lean forward and wrap your arm over the dummy’s neck. Your palm should be facing your chest. Use your other hand to grab onto the first arm then pull upward. Roll back, bringing the dummy within your guard and wrap your legs around it’s waist, then simply pull the head up while pushing the legs down.

3. The Anaconda Choke - Similar to the guillotine choke, this one gets on the list for the name alone. It also happens to be an extremely effective chokehold as well. Get your dummy on all fours facing you, and for the sake of explanation, we will start our grab with the left arm. Just like the guillotine, wrap your left arm over the dummy’s head, putting it under your armpit. While reaching your left arm under the torso, sweep the opponents left arm with your right hand. This will allow you to get under the arm with your left hand. Lastly, grab your right elbow, rest the right hand on the opponents back, and lean back to achieve the choke. 4. The Double Leg Takedown - This one is pretty self explanatory- it’s for bringing your opponent down for some ground pounding or submissions. Most dummies won’t actually stand on their own, so practicing this technique would be best with a live opponent, or even a hanging dummy. For a basic double leg takedown, start with your fighting stance then crouch to get enough power in your knees to spring forward. Tackle using your shoulder directly to their waist (not the legs!) Now that they are on the ground you can try some of the submission techniques you’ve learned already!

5. Hammerlock - The hammerlock is a shoulder lock that is meant to apply pressure to the shoulder joint which will (hopefully) cause the opponent to tap out. This is a basic armlock and is often used by police officers to disable aggressors. To execute the hammerlock, start by putting the grappling dummy in the prone position. Next grab the dummy by the “wrist” and pull it towards the opposite shoulder blade with the elbow facing down (imagine the dummy scratching its lower back.) Continue to pull the wrist up the back to cause pressure to the shoulder joint and to make that dummy tap out!

Feel free to comment with Tips and Techniques that you use on  your Grappling Dummy.

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