California Dreams

Posted by Revgear on Dec 1st 2016

In Early 2016, we embarked on a journey to create a range of products that reflected Revgear’s California roots. Conceptual designs for the California Limited Edition Series became a snowball effect, inspiring ideas for a wide range of products. Ideas included updating the 20 year old Revgear logo, adding vibrant new colors and products that reflect the innovation, attitude and style of our California brand. The sunshine state concepts quickly took shape resonating with new generations of pro fighters, coaches, dojo and gym owners spanning the globe.

In telling our story, we connected with some of these dedicated athletes to learn their stories. And like Revgear, they too, began their journey in Southern California. So we take you with us, across the great iconic Southern California landscape, from the ancient Vasquez Rocks in Sierra Pelona Mountains and world famous beaches of Malibu, to the eclectic Venice Beach Boardwalk and historic corridors of Downtown Los Angeles. 

And now it’s here! December marks the official launch of the California Limited Edition Series. The first of many new series of reliable and long-lasting products Revgear has delivered for 20 years. Stay connected and follow us to hear inspiring stories from the many fighters, athletes and fans, just like you, who resonate with  THE original California fight sports brand, Revgear.

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