Choosing a boxing glove: lace or Velcro™?

Jul 20th 2010

Which boxing glove to choose - lace or Velcro? You can get a tighter more secure fit using lace up gloves. It used to be that all gloves were lace up. Now in many cases the gloves will be Velcro™ or also called hook and loop. This is a development in recent years that occurred because hook and loop gloves are much easier to put on and take off. Read more about choosing the boxing glove right for you>>>

If you decide to go with hook and loop, we have our new Sentinel Gel Boxing Gloves to offer. Injection molded padding with 4 mm anti shock gel material over the main punching area. Made with soft leather outer and special antibacterial, waterproof lining. 3" wide hook and loop wrist wrap for secure fit support. No wear in period necessary.

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