Competition Tips From The Pros - Vinc Pichel

Posted by Revgear on May 23rd 2014

UFC Lightweight and Team Revgear's Vinc Pichel shares his 5 competition tips that he would give to anyone as they prepare for the upcoming Revgear World Open in Denver on June 28.

1) Train hard but remember to train smart!

2) When you are competing make sure you go into your matches with an open mind and remember that anything can happen!

3) Make sure you are composed and not letting emotions cloud your judgement in preparation or competition.

4) In your match, when you see something go for it! Never second guess yourself or your skills.

5) Most importantly is to have fun! It's a competitive tournament and winning is the goal but if you remember to have fun you will never truly lose and only learn valuable lessons for the next time.

The first time I ever competed was in 2007 in Las Vegas at a Mr. Olympia grappling tournament, only 8 months after I started training MMA!

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