Intense Training Requires Intense Gear!

Posted by Revgear on Aug 14th 2013

Contributing Guest Blogger Micah Hankins, Owner Paradox Fitness & Martial Arts, California

paradox fitness and martial arts

In my twenty plus years as a trainer there is something I've observed that cannot be taught though is vitally important. Now don’t get me wrong, people can be made aware of this thing that I speak of, but it is on them to either foster it, build it or not build it. One always has the choice to walk away and often times people do. This key trait is universally applicable and of great value, the trait I speak of is intensity. Intensity is the one thing that sets people apart whether it be in business, school, training in the gym or training in the ring. You can see it in their eyes, you can see it in the way they move, the energy behind a kick, a punch, the look they have as they put on their gloves before they even begin to train.  They are gearing up for some serious business. One definition of intensity and the one I most identify with is as follows. Intensity- Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force. Don’t you just love that?  I know I do and by simply reading it I want more of it in all that I do. Intensity is the difference between going through the motions and going through something with great emotion. It is the force by which we choose to engage life. How does this apply to martial arts and or training? How can it not?

When I teach martial arts or my strength and conditioning classes I can see the differing levels of intensity the second someone walks into my gym and I can see it change, waiver, grow throughout the training session. I can tell before someone wraps their hands and puts on the gloves how they will engage in that particular drill. I can see when someone has trust in their gear, from their wraps to their gloves, to their shin guards. Does your gear foster confidence and strength? Does your gear add to or take away from your training? I have been using Revgear exclusively since 1997 and it has always given me confidence and I wear it with a sense of pride. I see that same pride and intensity when my clients gear up with Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Glove and with the brand new Samurai Kote Boxing Glove. The moment we put on the Muay Thai Pads (my personal favorite) you know it’s time for some serious business.

Serious training calls for serious gear, gear that is long lasting, bomb proof and can take the beating you are willing to dish out. As a martial artist, trainer and gym owner it is equally important to have a company that stands behind their gear and will take care of you. In all of my years being involved with Revgear I have always been well taken care of with prompt and courte

female fighter elbow sparring

ous service. This also gives me more confidence to get after it, hit as hard as I can and kick the hell out of my gear.

Folks when you engage in training, no matter what training it is, come prepared, come focused and bring intensity. If you give good, you get good back. You give great, you get great back. Use great gear, gear that gives you confidence and train with all of your heart. So no matter if you’re a weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder or martial artist bring the intensity with you each and every session and watch what happens. Now get out there and get after it!

Micah out.

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