Leslie Smith: Working her way to a title shot with the Revgear Freestyle Grappling Shin Guards

Posted by Revgear on Sep 10th 2013

Guest blogger Aaron Tru shares his experience while on the road filming  for Revgear:

I recently hit the road and headed north, leaving the confines of my comfort zone in Southern California and travelling to Walnut Creek just outside of San Francisco. Having successfully made the 398 mile journey to 2012 gym of the year winner Cesar Gracie's, Gracie Fighter Academy, I was excited to film with WMMA rising star Leslie Smith.  The "Peace maker" as Smith is known by in the cage, was coming off 2 fight of the night performances at Invicta FC and was preparing to take on former female StrikeForce Champion Sarah Kaufman.

During this shoot was the first time I had seen the Revgear Freestyle Grappling Shin Guards live in action.  I personally find it annoying when trying to grapple with bulky shin guards and think it's ridiculous trying to maneuver on the ground or to transition, let alone apply hooks or a body lock using while wearing them.  On the other hand, the Revgear freestyle grappling shin guards are thin and made of a stretchy neoprene material, allowing Leslie to grapple, applying arm bars, transitioning, posturing and even to apply grape vines on her sparring partner with ease.  I definitely noticed how useful these shin guards would be for mma training or Pankration training.  Having a multi-purpose shin guard eliminates the need for equipment changes when going from striking to grappling and is a product that I look forward to adding to my own collection.

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