Revgear Sponsored Fighter Chris Bennett Wins at MMA Big Show Again

Apr 28th 2009

April 11, 2009: Revgear sponsored fighter Chris Bennett  fought at MMA Big Show in Bleterra, Indiana. chris_bennett_mmabs3 His opponent was Dan Mundy, who started the fight with jab and hook, but missed. Chris then followed with a hard leg kick then a rib kick which sent Dan Mundy back peddling. Chris then pressed his opponent against the cage where he shot several knees. Chris pulled guard and tried the first armbar, but Dan pulled back. Chris quickly switched his hips and tried the armbar again. He locked it in and Dan quickly tapped. chris_bennett_mmabs The fight was over within 47 seconds – Chris won by submission (armbar). Now Chris’s MMA record is 10-1, and he’s getting ready for a new fight! chris_bennett_mmabs2

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