Revgear Sponsored Team C.O.M.A.: “Hard Work Always Wins”

Apr 2nd 2009

Only three weeks after NAGA Virginia where Team C.O.M.A. showed outstanding results, this team shines again! On March 21-22, 2009, NAGA Nationals in Jonesboro, Georgia was another great event for team C.O.M.A to show why "hard work always wins". Each member grappled well on the mats and showed true Martial Artist Spirit with their level of respect shown to their coaches, teammates and their competitors.

This time team C.O.M.A. brought home 3 first places, 5 second places, 2 third places and 3 fourth places. We congratulate Keaton Aubrey, Diedra Outlaw, Madison Weikle, Carson King, Madison Weikle, Cam Allman, and especially Revgear Sponsored Derek Bonime, Jeffrey Currence, Andrew Davis and Cassandra Outlaw with their great results!

Also, the Coaches of Team C.O.M.A. (Jason Outlaw and Mark Cukro) were voted "Best Coaches" and received their own NAGA Gold Medals.

We are all very proud of Team C.O.M.A. They truly represent all that Revgear stands for, on and off the mats!

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