Revgear Sponsored Team: Grappler's Edge Academy

Jul 28th 2009

Revgear is proud to sponsor the team of Grappler’s Edge Academy - Colorado's First and Foremost Grappling, Submission Fighting and MMA Academy. Grappler’s Edge is in Denver, Colorado and is run by Sheldon Marr, who has been recognized as the Instructor of the Year by Jiu Jitsu America, the U.S. Martial Arts of Fame, the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the International Black Belt Hall of Fame. The Grappler’s Edge Team has been winning U.S. National Jiu Jitsu and Grappling championships for more than 10 years, the team members has been competing in tournaments all over the US as well as internationally. grapplersedge This picture was taken at the 2009 Pancrase Mile Hi National Submission Wrestling Championship where the Grappler’s Edge Team won 12 Gold Medals in 19 divisions, and the overall Team Title (6th straight and 7th overall Title for the Team!)

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