Revgear Youth Combat Series Equipment

Posted by Revgear on Mar 20th 2014


If you have a child that trains in MMA, their safety during training is likely your top priority. The Revgear Youth products are not just scaled down versions of our adult equipment, the Revgear Youth Combat Series line is high quality, durable equipment specifically designed for children to keep them safe while practicing the fastest growing sport in the world.

Revgear Youth Combat Series

Below is a breakdown of the products available in the Revgear Youth Combat Series line. Check them out and keep your child safe on their journey in martial arts or the combat sports realm.

The Revgear Youth Combat Series Headgear is a spectacular development for children's MMA safety gear. It features optimium coverage with protection for the cheeks, chin, forehead, as well as the back and side of the head without restricting vision.

Made specifically to fit children's heads, the Revgear Youth Combat Series Headgear is a great product choice when looking to protect your child from the kind of impact that occurs during combat sports.

Pick yours up at:

Shin guards are paramount in protection requirements when your child is learning MMA or striking training. Many disciplines and gyms gyms use Muay Thai style kicking and kicks that are delivered mainly with the shin and instep instead of with the foot. In an area on the body where your child's bones are still developing, it is extremely important to protect their shins.

The Revgear Youth Combat Series Shin Guard features high quality foam padding that absorbs impact and an extra foot strap for a secure fit, giving you the best choice you can make to protect your children's shins and feet.

Get your Revgear Youth Combat Series Shin Guards here:

The Revgear Youth Combat Series Deluxe Boxing Gloves are specifically made for kids and designed to fit their young hands. The interior grip bar helps combat hand fatigue and assists in properly forming and holding a fist for young developing strikers.

These 8oz gloves feature RAM-Force™ technology padding, are made from durable synthetic leather which already has a broken-in feel and utilize the Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure for ultimate wrist support.

Purchase these gloves here:

The Revgear Youth Pro Fight Shorts come in a wide range of sizes from XXS (4-6) through L (16) and are available in black and grey or black with green colorways.

These shorts are designed in the same style as adult Revgear Fight Shorts but specifically designed for a smaller frame. These shorts feature the same great technology, with a 4-way stretch panel that allows freedom of movement and also 5" side slits for freedom of movement. They also have the reverse locking Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop waistband and drawstring allowing for some flexibility in sizing.

Your child will both look and feel great training in these  shorts which can be purchased here:

The Revgear Youth Combat Series Leather MMA Training Glove is the ideal glove for your child once they have progress to sparring or more MMA specific training. Based on the Revgear Training Glove which is a favorite of professionals worldwide, the Revgear Youth Combat Series Leather MMA Training Glove is made from durable leather, not synthetic, has high technology padding, the Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure and and open palm and side thumb design for added protection while also allowing for both striking and grappling training.

Equip your kids with the best Youth MMA Training Glove here:

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