Roxy Balboa Wins the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai-Kickboxing World Championship

Jul 22nd 2009

Roxy Balboa Shares Her Secrets to Winning the 2009 Ultimate Warriors Muay Thai-Kickboxing World Championship.

[caption id="attachment_1157" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Jamie Fletcher and Roxy Balboa"] Fletcher-Roxy09[/caption]

What were the results? Roxy: I won by unanimous decision against Sara McCarthy (UK). The score cards were 50-45, 50-46, and 49-46.

Did you train any differently to prep for this fight? Roxy: It was my second fight training with Jimmie Romero. This time he had the time to correct some of my techniques and add some new moves to my arsenal. My timing and footwork were greatly improved. I was also coming off an injury so my cardio was in question. I had to work really hard to find ways to improve my wind and endurance without any danger of impeding my healing. I relied mostly on circuit training crossfit style, biking, rowing and pad work to improve my wind. I only got to spar 6 times trianing for this fight - this is unusual for me - so I worked hard at my mental game to get me to where I needed to be. Jimmie developed a good game plan to defeat Sara and I stuck to the plan.

What are your thoughts during the walk-out/dance portion before your fight? Roxy: This time I was more focused than ever and I knew my mind was in the right place to solidify a victory. I usually repeat a few affirmations to myself before I enter the arena. It's very important to be confident and in the right space in order to execute well.

What’s the next step for Roxy in the world of professional female Muay Thai Kickboxers? Roxy: I hope to fight once more before the year is over. Maybe in November or December. I want to have more international fights, as the talent pool of female pro Muay Thai in Europe, Australia, Japan and Thailand is far greater than the US. I hope to elevate my game and take on more skilled opponents but for now, I'm focusing on my business RoxyFit,  training clients and teaching classes. I am excited to keep up with my training both in Muay Thai and Crossfit.

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