Shelton Roberson, Middleweight Title Holder for Barrett's AFC

Sep 17th 2009

Revgear Sponsored Shelton Roberson Jr., 33, is from Mobile, Alabama. He’s a shipfitter at Northrop Grumman. Shelton is training with Barett’s AFC and Port City MMA. He is a freestyle fighter with Jiu Jiutsu, grappling, submissions, boxing and kickboxing. Shelton’s most recent fight was on August 29, 2009 at Abba Shrine Temple in Mobile, AL. His opponent was Steve Winn.  Shelton won that fight, and then also won the 12 Man Last Man Standing Bout that night!

Shelton is currently holding the middleweight belt for Barrett's AFC in Mobile Alabama, and his record is 8-1-0.


On the picture: Shelton (in the middle) with his team.

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