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Posted by Revgear on Mar 16th 2014

What was your first experience with Martial Arts?

Myles Jury MMA Training

At the time I encountered Martial Arts I didn't have much going for me and I was not on the best path without any positive people around to follow or learn from. One day I met Don Richard, who is a black belt under Caique that took me under his wing. Don got me started in wrestling and jiu jitsu which quickly lead into MMA. He kept me busy with training, tournaments, and cleaning the gym since I didn't have money to pay for membership at the time. Years later here I am as a black belt under Caique and Don Richard and Martial Arts have changed my life for the better and were exactly the outlet I needed to become a good person and successful in my life.

At what age did you train and which disciplines have you trained before pursuing MMA?

I was 12 years old when I discovered Don Richard and got my passion for wrestling and jiu jitsu which then turned into every art needed to become a successful MMA fighter. Everything I've learned since I was 12 that has helped me become a better person in and out of training I have put in to my own new era system to help others with evolving disciplines, called Jury Jiu Jitsu. My goal is that I want to help everyone to be better at everything in and out of the gym regardless if you're doing it for a hobby or a career.

Who has been the most influential person in your Martial Arts training and career?

Don Richard, which you can understand why in the first two questions. Since then I've had numerous people play big roles in my life for the better, as I learned to only surround yourself with the best team. I want to be the best at everything I do and am interested in and I strive to learn something new each and every day. I feel the only way I can do that is by being connected to the best people that have the best interest in each other with true sincere loyalty.

What are 5 training items that you couldn't do without?

If we're talking MMA, it for sure has to be Revgear Champion Headgear so I don't get touched up (damage brain cells), Revgear Sentinel Gel Pro Boxing Gloves (to protect my hands and others) and I really like the Revgear Leather Shin Guards to protect my training partners and still assure I can put the most into sparring. For this camp my trainers used the Revgear Muay Thai Pads which I loved and helped assure I'm working the best technique and be as sharp as I can be and can't forget Revgear Fight Shorts so I'm not naked, haha.

What is your favorite Revgear product?

Toss up between Headgear and Boxing Gloves because both have really have the best fit of any I have used and they also immediately feel very natural which is very important and hard to come by.


What are three things anyone can do to get in shape?

Sprints are the most important in my opinion and the key to getting in shape in my opinion is to get the heart rate the highest you can then getting it the lowest possible during 30 second breaks after hard sprints. Change it up with the distance, shorter breaks and hills. I love sprints and the benefits you get.

Body on body contact is the best possible push / pull / weight training you can get such as wrestling and jiu jitsu.

Hitting pads and sparring, which kind of has the same concept of sprinting. You want to use the best possible technique and push the pace getting your heart rate up rapidly then recovering with short rest periods.

If you're not into number two or three, weight training and getting the best foods in your system without consuming anything processed (meat, fruit and veggies) will help you with getting into shape. People need to remember that your food intake is highly important in anyone's lives for numerous reasons, but you need to be active with cardio to truly 'get in shape'.

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