Take 6 with Revgear - UFC Flyweight Timothy Elliott

Posted by Revgear on Dec 7th 2013

What was your first experience with Martial Arts?

UFC veteran Terry Etim came to my college to learn Wrestling. I gave him some wrestling knowledge,  and in return he taught me some MMA techniques.

Which disciplines have you trained before pursuing MMA?

I started Wrestling at a young age. After all that wrestling, I ended up being a 4-time Collegiate All-American and a National Champion!

Who has been the most influential person in your Martial Arts training and career?

That would probably be my Father, he's been on my ass since forever but I have also had many great coaches and mentors over the years.

What are 5 training items that you couldn't do without?

The first item would have to be a good training partner. You also need a good mouthpiece, quality boxing gloves like the Revgear Samurai Series Kote Boxing Gloves, some quality spandex and good shin guards, I use the Revgear Samurai Series Suneate Shin Guards.

What is your favorite Revgear product?

Everything from the Revgear Samurai Series is top notch from the boxing gloves to the shin guards I like all of them and I also have a sick t-shirt from Revgear, love the fit and the style.

What are three things anyone can do to get in shape?

Eat Right, Exercise, and Set Goals!

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