The Solution To Your Shin Guard Problems

Dec 7th 2011

Do your shin guards shift every time you kick or check? Do the straps pinch your skin if they are pulled too tight? Does it feel impossible to find high quality shin guards that don't feel like heavy medieval armor? And about how many rolls of duct tape do you use to keep them in place?

Investing in a pair of Revgear Defender Gel Shin Guards will save you time putting them on and taking them off, save you frustration while sparring, and save you money otherwise spent on duct tape. These shin guards are 100% durable leather, padded all over, and with gel only in the center line, for the perfect amount of protection. They protect the back of your leg from being pinched or scratched by straps, and the straps close in reverse directions to prevent shifting or sliding. You can kick hard AND be agile with these shin guards.

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