TOW #31 – Jiu Jitsu: Double Arm Bar

Posted by Revgear on Jul 26th 2013

We have all seen the damage an arm bar can do in Jiu Jitsu. But what happens when your opponent figures out your set up move? Or maybe your rubber guard isn't doing the trick. Don’t fear Scotty Epstein is here to help. Learn the fundamentals step by step as Scotty goes through the proper techniques of the double arm bar. Some key components of a good double arm bar are to start with you feet on your opponents hips, keep your legs wrapped tightly around your opponent’s head when you transition and finally, extend and pull down on the arms. That’s this week’s Technique of the Week. Join us next week for an all new video from the pros.  Now over to you! What works best, a single arm bar or a double arm bar?

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