TOW #40 - Jiu Jitsu: Breaking Grips Over Under

Posted by Revgear on Oct 24th 2013

This week learn from Dean how to break an over under grip and solidify the choke. Start by taking your opponents back and securing the over under, he will try his best to pull your hands away from his neck.  At this point you will want to release your Gable grip, transfer your left hand to your opponents wrist while your right hand grabs your own wrist creating some space and breaking your opponents grip all together. Finally, grab his shoulder and with you own hand go behind his next locking in your choke, and squeeze. Stay away from the old school WWF grip and do it right. We hope this video helped you learn how to break grips and choke people, if you'd like more techniques from the pros be sure to check out our Technique of the Week playlist. See ya back next week for an all new helpful tip from the pros.

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