Wholesale BJJ Gis Through The Revgear Gi Program

Posted by Revgear on Jul 28th 2015

One of the struggles facing gym owners is new member retention. Gym owners spend a considerable amount of time, money and energy on just getting potential members through the door. Converting those visitors into paying members is only part of the objective. Retaining them and integrating them into your gym family and culture is a big part of it. The faster you can get these new members on the mats the better.

Most new members are in fact β€œnew”. They not only are new to your gym they are new to jiu-jitsu or coming back after a long layoff. These new members/students need Gi’s and they need to know the Gi they get will be approved by the school.

Revgear, a leading brand of Martial Arts Supplies, expands and increases their focus on wholesale jiu-jitsu customers with new product offerings and a website tailored for specific customer needs. Revgear is not only offering Wholesale BJJ Gis, they are hosting jiu-jitsu tournaments, sponsoring jiu-jitsu athletes and are fully immersed into the jiu-jitsu culture.

Revgear Sports has been in business for 19 years and has consistently been a leader in the Mixed Martial Arts, Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Boxing, & Fitness space. Their recently launched Ultimate Starter Jiu Jitsu Gi has been a top selling product in 2015, largely because of the tremendous Wholesale Gi price for school owners and retailers but also the success of the Revgear League grappling tournament series. This new Gi program gets your students on the mats faster, increases your school's profits and helps you control the look of your team all while helping to retain new students.

The Revgear Starter Gi was also the first product and focus of the new dedicated website to Wholesale Jiu Jitsu Gis. offers a one-stop shop for users looking to learn more about the Revgear brand, set up a Wholesale Account, or even order a Discounted BJJ Gi at Wholesale pricing without an account.

Following the launch of the Wholesale BJJ Gi website Revgear launched both and servicing the needs of customers looking to order Wholesale Boxing Gloves or Wholesale Kickboxing Gloves.

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