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Our headgear are among the best in the business, tested by many of the world’s top fighters, coaches and combat sports athletes. They are comfortable, extremely durable, and offer an EXTRA-WIDE FIELD OF VISION while giving extra-protection to the left, right and even the top of the head, in ways few other head gear offer. Most Revgear head guards are full leather, and are suitable FOR BOXING, MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, KICK BOXING and MUAY THAI.

All our major styles are covered with open face, cheek protection and face saver versions available. For Mixed Martial Arts, our Champion Head Gear offers CRANIAL PROTECTION AGAINST DOWNWARD ELBOWS, OVER-HAND STRIKES and AXE KICKING, making it an excellent choice for both MMA and Muay Thai.


When choosing headgear, consider its main function, the needs of your sport, and – if it is to be used in a competitive environment – what the rules of your combat sport allow for. Generally speaking, a boxing head gear for sparring will be either the Champion or the Guvnor, while for competition, the Open-Face version will be more usual. Some head gear also offer protection on the chin. Fitting of the headguard properly is important to avoid it becoming slack while sparring or competing. For this reason, all Revgear head gear are highly adjustable.

Dependable Boxing and Sparring Headgear

Revgear is committed to helping you practice your sport, which is why we have a large selection of sparring headgear, with several options designed specifically for various disciplines. Our headgear is designed for maximum protection while still allowing you to maneuver.

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We keep an extensive inventory of MMA and boxing headgear for male and female athletes, both children and adults, with each product made to meet our superior standards of quality and safety. If you want to know more about our products, you can contact our customer service team today. Get world-class boxing and sparring headgear and take your training to the next level.

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