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What is the cost of boxing gloves? 

We understand that cost matters a lot while you are buying the boxing gloves. But there are some other things that matter too. The cost of boxing gloves varies according to the type of gloves. The purpose of the gloves signifies what will be the cost. So, before you get to the cost of boxing gloves, you must know about the types of boxing gloves.

1) Bag Gloves:

These gloves are used on heavy punching bags for practice session and workouts. These types of gloves can be used on heavy bags, double end bags, and for other training aids too. The main purpose of these gloves is to protect the knuckles when you hit the bags with your full body force.

The price range of the bag gloves is from $20 to $100. Some of the branded gloves can go above $100 as the price also depends on the quality of gloves.

2) Sparring Gloves:

These types of gloves are designed to protect the boxer and his sparring partner. These gloves are useful when you want to develop your skills and techniques for a real match. They have balanced weight and padding for wrist support. You can find these gloves online in the range of $50 to $150.

3) Training Gloves:

Just as the name signifies, the training boxing gloves are designed for training. All kinds of training including heavy bags, mitts, sparring, and others can be handled with these gloves. These types of gloves are basically meant for beginners who don’t have any idea which gloves to buy. Even the branded gloves of this category are quite cheap. If you want to buy the best ones, then you can get them in between $100 to $ 500.

4) Fighting Gloves:

The fighting gloves are used for the match. These boxing gloves have less padding and provide compactness to hurt the opponent. These gloves can cause serious damage. Therefore, remember that these gloves must be used only for real-life matches; otherwise you’ll end up hurting yourself. The price range of these gloves is $ 150 to $600.

5) Cardio Gloves:

The cardio gloves are meant for cardio exercise and they have thick padding to absorb the impact of a punch. If you try these gloves for boxing, then they won’t last for long. These gloves can be found online at a low price of $15- $50.

6) Muay Thai/Kick Boxing Gloves:

These gloves are designed for Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. They provide flexibility to grab the opponents and use their hands in the fight. You can find these boxing gloves in a range from $50 to $ 200.

While you search for the gloves online, you’ll come across a wide array of gloves. So, make sure that apart from the cost, you also consider the quality and material of the gloves for safety.




What are the best boxing gloves for sparring? 

If you need boxing gloves for sparring, then you need to understand the purpose of sparring gloves. These gloves are designed for the workout sessions. So, if you are planning to have a match close to your training time, then you can obviously use the sparring gloves. The best gloves for sparring would be the one which has laces or has a wrap-around. This ensures that the fighter doesn’t get cuts or abrasions from the loop fastening system or the hook. Even though there are no hard rules regarding selecting the weight of the gloves, yet it’ll be appropriate if you to choose based on your own personal needs. The more the weight of gloves, the more it’ll be better for the fighter. The huge weight of the gloves provides adequate protection to the hand. They offer optimal protection and act as shock absorbers.

Do boxing gloves make punches harder? 

Most people don’t know that but for real, boxing gloves are designed to reduce the impact of a punch on both the puncher and the opponent. There are several factors that contribute to making the punch a little softer instead of harder to avoid a serious injury during the match. Boxing gloves reduce the impact of a punch by extending the glove and spreading the force over a wider area. A naked fist doesn’t expand the area; therefore, the blow is much harder. You will be amazed to learn how the boxing gloves punch gets affected. Some of the main factors are:

β˜… Punching Speed:

When the boxers are in a real match, the boxing gloves could make the punches slower. Normally when a person hits someone with their bare hands, the speed is much faster, that’s why the punch hits hard. But the added weight of the gloves reduces the speed of the punches significantly. Therefore, the boxers can strike the opponent without the fear of hitting too hard or breaking their own bones.

β˜… Cushioning:

You must have seen that some gloves are more padded than others. Protection is the main reason for this. The heavily padded boxing gloves spread the force of the punch over a larger area. Therefore, the punch will take longer to hit the spot, and the applied force will be reduced too to minimize the initial impact of the hit.

β˜… Surface:

Along with the padding, the surface area also matters a lot. It is the surface area of the boxing gloves that reduce the force of the punch. Even a small inch can diminish the impact of the punch. So, if you hit a surface with your fist, then you are more likely to have a greater impact.

β˜… Types of Boxing Gloves:

Another factor that determines the punch impact is the type of boxing gloves you are using. Usually, the training gloves are larger and have more padding to offer better protection to the boxer. But in the real match, the boxers use smaller and harder gloves to increase the force of the punches.

As you now know the factors that determine the punch force, you will be amazed to know that boxing gloves are only designed to protect the puncher. The effect of a punch on the opponent will be worse. Typically, the boxing gloves are meant for the puncher to ensure that they don’t end up breaking their fist or bones during the match or training.
While the bare-knuckle punch hits harder, there are more chances that the puncher will also suffer from some serious injury. Boxing gloves simply eliminate the risk of being hurt.

There are some special techniques that are employed to increase the impact of the punch.

Therefore, there is no doubt that boxing gloves certainly makes the punches harder. Plus, it also depends on the boxer how hard he hits you.

How should boxing gloves fit?

As boxing gloves are the main factor that determines the impact of the punch, choosing the right one is very critical. To perform better inside the ring, it is vital that you have the proper gear. And boxing gloves are best when they are properly sized. There are varying styles ranging from training gloves to specialized ones. It is necessary that you know how the boxing gloves should fit your fist for increased strength.

To take the full advantage of the boxing gloves, you should make sure that they are the correct size and fits appropriately. Making a firm grip is very important so the gloves will be best when they fit snug on the hand. To find out the exact size, you’ll need three measurements:

β˜… Height
β˜… Weight
β˜… Circumference of the dominating hand

To measure all these, you can use a scale or measuring tape. Height and weight can be determined easily. But it will be a little tricky to measure the circumference of the hand. To ensure that you get an efficient reading, you can use a fabric tape. Measure the open dominant hand just below the knuckles. To ensure that you get the right number, check whether the tape meets the center of the palm or not. If you don’t have access to fabric tape, then you can also use a string to wrap around your hand and mark it. Then you can measure the tape for exact size.

The hand circumference plays a major role in determining the exact size of the boxing gloves. As you determine the size, now you can choose which style you will need. The main goal is that you get a pair of gloves which are large enough to protect your hands without increasing the weight. Plus, it must not reduce the speed and timing of the punch.

There are various types of boxing gloves like bag gloves, training gloves, sparring gloves, and competition boxing gloves. And all these gloves come in various sizes. Mainly the

Amateur boxing gloves come in 3 ideal sizes:

 The light welterweight (weight 141 lb) class fighters use 10 oz. gloves.

 Division welterweight (weight 152 lb) and Super heavyweight (weight over 201 lb) fighters use the 12 oz. boxing gloves.

 Master division fighters use 16 oz. gloves

Along with this, the Pro fighting gloves are also categorized as:

β˜… Fighters Welterweight (147 lb and under) typically wear 8-ounce gloves

β˜… Fighters of Super Division welterweight (154 lb and above) wear 10-ounce gloves.

The final decision will be according to the style and technique of the boxer. A professional knows his/her needs accurately. An ideal boxing glove must have enough padding to protect the boxer’s hand without reducing the speed of punch and impact. Keep your focus on line and you’ll make the right choice. And put your money on the gear which pays off.

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Hand Wraps

Even with the best gloves, most fighters will also use hand wraps under their gloves. Hand wraps are rolls of cloth that are tightly wound around the wrists, knuckles and fingers of boxers and other combat-sport athletes to help protect against impact injury. The best hand wraps are made of stretch material with full-width enclosures to ensure the edges don't lift up during training, sparring or fighting.

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