Padded Combat Stick

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Padded Fight Stick

Padded Combat Sticks are designed to take a beating so you don’t! Favored among seasoned practitioners and beginners alike, our shock absorbing padded fight sticks takes away almost 100% of all the impact while simulating reality-based scenarios in Krav Maga and self defense classes.

Sparring is common to many combat sports and the Padded Combat Stick is ideal for all levels of instruction and abilities. We can attest, there’s no tougher padded stick that can withstand the intense hammering and pounding necessary for law enforcement and military training. Conversely, we found no safer and fun way for beginners to learn to spar then by striking in the air before hitting bags.

Made from high quality poly carbonate material, the Padded Combat Stick is built to avoid breakage and take a thrashing! Heavy duty nylon casing prevents tears when striking hard, and we mean really hard! The foam coated grip offers maximum hold so you can train safely with these shock absorbing martial arts weapons.

Nobody wants to get clocked in the head with a wooden stick. That’s why well-constructed padded fight sticks are ideal for a variety of full-contact training.


  • Grade A poly carbonate material to avoid breakage
  • Heavy duty nylon casing prevents tears
  • Black foam coated grip for maximum hold
  • Shock absorbing technology for safe training
  • Multipurpose and ideal for a variety of disciplines

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We offer other top of the line training gear such as the Economy Padded Staff, Foam Nunchuakus and the Padded Kali Stick in red. If you have any questions for our combat sport experts, please call 800-767-8288 or message us online. Add this revolutionary product to your gym today.


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