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Revgear Thai Original Thai Pads are of the highest quality you will find. The Thai Original line represents Revgear’s commitment to delivering best-in-class gear to martial artists everywhere. In this case, we knew that meant going straight to Thailand. We worked directly with top Thai gear designers and Muay Thai coaches to develop kick pads that will meet the needs of top coaches and fighters all over the globe. After a full year of testing and design tweaking by top Thai fighters, we are confident you’ll love this Thai pad.

Highlights of this medium size Thai pad include multiple layers of padding and a built-in comfortable curve that means little to no break-in time is needed.

Coaches will appreciate the extra pad under the forearm to minimize the shock they feel will taking rounds and rounds of powerful kicks. Fighters will love the gratifying feeling they’ll get when kicking this pad in just the right spot.

The Thai Original Thai Pad has a traditional double arm strap and a riveted handle at the top. These traits create a different user experience from the one coaches will get with the MMA-style Revgear Curved Thai Pad.

With the quality you only get from 100% authentic Thai-made gear, these kick pads will impress both beginners and pros in the sport. For coaches wanting to complete their pack and fill their gym bag with quality gear, also check out the Thai Original Belly Pad and the Thai Original Shinguards.

Thai Original Thai Pads

  • Made in Thailand
  • Forearm and underarm protection
  • Responsive feel on kicks
  • Multiple layers of foam padding

See the product video below for some training drills while using the Thai Original Thai Pads!

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