BIONIC Compression Shirt - Short Sleeve - Black

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The Revgear Bionic Compression Shirt will make you feel more than human!

Ideal for any type of cross training, stand up or ground fighting, The Bionic compression shirt will be the most comfortable training garment you have ever worn.

Great for Muay Thai, MMA, Krav Maga, BJJ, Kickboxing, any martial art, cross fit or or HIIT.

Be more than Human with the Revgear Bionic Compression Shirt. Available in both long and short sleeve, the Bionic Compression Shirt offers full body compression for increased performance and faster recovery. 

The moisture wicking fabric, made with UltraDry technology keeps your body at the optimum temperature for unrivaled comfort. TruFlow side ventilation panels allow your skin to breathe so you never feel overheated, no matter how hard you train. 

Constructed with DuraStitch NeverSplit seams, the Bionic Compression Shirt is built to last and can be put through even the toughest of workouts. 

Train hard. Stay powerful. Be more than Human.

  • WON’T RIDE UP YOUR BACK: Anatomic long-torso fight-fit reduces rolling up or sliding during the most intense training or competition.
  • ULTRA-COMFORTABLE – FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Anatomic fight-fit molds to your body shape. Provides comfort and full range of motion whether you are wrestling, grappling or training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • KEEPS YOU DRY: Unlike other rash guards that soak up sweat, the advanced hydro-wicking technology lifts moisture off your body, keeping you dry so you can power through the most demanding training sessions and competitions.
  • BOOSTS RECOVERY TIME: Engineered with high-tech compression material that boosts blood flow and recovery time. 
  • DURABLE: Made with 4x4 nylon flat stitched seams.
  • Available in long and short sleeve

  • Truflow side ventilation

  • Cooling, wicking UltraDry tech fabric

  • DuraStitch NeverSplit seams

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