How To Wrap Your Hands For Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA

Jul 26th 2011

MMA is a very demanding sport and can be very unkind to bones, muscles, and tendons if not properly protected. This case is very prevalent in regards to proper glove and hand wrap usage. Without correct knowledge of how to wrap your hands, you can experience knuckle bruising, sprains, and breaks. Learning how to protect your hands correctly is an invaluable skill for contact sports enthusiasts. There is a video tutorial here that will provide a visual aid to the tutorial, and should make the process easier.

There are a variety of techniques an MMA practitioner can use when wrapping their hands. Some of these styles are purely determined by preference, but they should also be determined by the particular activity. Clearly, while doing basic cardio training you will need little, or most-likely no wraps and gloves at all. In physical contact training and in bouts though, hand wraps are going to be what saves you from injury.


Tip: Keeping your hand wraps clean is key to making them last. Using a Hand Wrap Wash Bag will ensure they don't get lost in the wash.

Typically, hand wrapping starts with the ring on the end of the wrap being placed around the thumb (with the exception of gauze wraps.) Then the wrap should be pulled down and wrapped firmly around the wrist. After circling the wrist a few times, move up and wrap the center of the hand between the thumb and the base of your other fingers. When finished with this part, you can choose to create a sandwiched level of folded wrapping over the knuckles for increased protection. Then wrap the makeshift padding to keep it steady, and begin to wrap from the outside base of your thumb to in between the pinky and ring finger. Wrap around to steady, then repeat with the next gaps between fingers in the same fashion. Finish the job by wrapping up the hand to tighten it up and end by wrapping the wrist again firmly.

Tip: Keeping your hand wraps from knotting and clumping is very important. Using a Hand Wrap Roller will keep your hand wraps getting knots in them.

Hand wrapping is extremely important for contact sport safety so it is best to learn how to comfortably wrap your hands right away. Start by practicing at home, then continue to do it while watching TV, so it begins to feel natural, and so you can figure out what feels comfortable to you.

Do you have any tips for wrapping your hands?

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