Nelson Redies For Mir At UFC 130

May 25th 2011



The plan? “To punch my opponent more than he punches me.” As one of the most unique and entertaining heavyweights in MMA today, Roy “Big Country” Nelson (15-5) has quickly garnered a large fan following. In a sport filled with fighters showcasing bodybuilder-type physiques, Nelson stands out. However, despite his look, he possesses a great gas tank. And at UFC 130 this weekend, he will be tested against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir in the co-main event of the night. After such a tough bout with dos Santos, many in MMA are wondering if “Big Country” has made any changes to his game. “Of course I have made some changes. I had my knee altered and upgraded…I hope,” said Nelson. “And I definitely learned what is needed to beat a striker: to punch my opponent more than he punches me.” Mir and Nelson engaged in a grappling-only exhibition back in 2003. It was very competitive. As a result, many pundits are wondering if a fight heavy on ground tactics is in store for fans this weekend. Also, the two both train in Vegas, and are friendly with one another. In regards to the fight, Nelson responded, “The one thing about fighting the former UFC champion Frank Mir is that you never know what to expect. So you have to be ready for everything.” Revgear, one of the top brand names in all of MMA, is proud to sponsor an established contender like “Big Country.” With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Nelson is happy to express his thanks to his sponsor. “I want to say thank you to Revgear for sponsoring many fighters with their gear,” stated Nelson. “As for myself, I can't wait to try their cedar chip bag deodorizer to see if it can get the stink out, and I can't wait to get my hands on their grappling and throwing dummies.” Getting serious for a moment, “Big Country” continued, “Sponsors in MMA are important. They vary dramatically; some just advertise with you, and some actually support you through the good and the bad.”

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