Renan Borges, Brazil Top Team Boston

Feb 10th 2010

Revgear sponsored fighter Renan Borges, 23, is originally from Corumba, Brazil - a very remote town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Renan began training Jiu Jitsu in 2002 at Academia Iron with Manuel Joao and Taedes Mendonca. While living in Brazil, he regularly took part in competitions all over the country. Renan won multiple tournaments such as the World Championship as a blue belt and purple belt, the Brazilian Cup, and a myriad of state championships.

In 2007, Renan moved to Boston, USA. In Boston Renan soon found his current school, Combined Martial Arts Academy, in Everett, Massachusetts. This school represents Brazilian Top Team. Since then Renan has been training under instructors Joao Amaral and Daniel Gazone. In 2008 he received his black belt. Now Renan is not only an avid student but also an instructor to both children and adults.

Renan has traveled all over the United States and Europe for competitions: European Championship, where he placed second in the featherweight category; the New York International Open where he placed first; Pan American Championships, where he placed third… not to mention numerous victories in local tournaments. Renan believes that the Brazil Top Team Boston has contributed greatly to both his and other students’ success.

When Renan is not training he enjoys spending time with his wife, playing video games, watching movies, and snowboarding. Although much of his time is spent training hard on the mats he always makes sure to lead a balanced life by making time for family and friends. At photos: 1) Renan Borges at NAGA New England Championship in Lincoln, Rhode Island on February 6, 2010. Renan placed first in the Expert No-Gi Featherweight division. 2) European Jiu Jitsu Championship (January 2010, Lisbon, Portugal): Renan placed second in the featherweight division. The final fight was against Rafael Mendes, ranked as one of the best JJ featherweight competitors in the world. Renan lost by two points, though they went head to head for the entire ten minute match.

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