Revgear Sponsored Event – Pankration Invitational for mixed martial arts enthusiasts

Mar 1st 2009

On Saturday, March 14th we have our 1st all Pankration Invitational - this is for our mixed martial arts enthusiasts. No striking to the head but kicks to the legs and body and strikes to the body combined with the best Jiu-Jitsu skills out there. Fighters go three - 3 minute rounds in the ring. Come cheer on your favorite or new favorite fighter.

 RULES: • 3 - THREE minute rounds with one minute break • No contact to the head - closed fist to the body only - no elbows - kicks to body and legs okay • No knees to the face or head, knees to body and legs okay from stand up • On the ground closed fist hits to the body okay • No lifting or slamming opponent to the ground • There will be no biting, eye gouging, or fish hooking of any body part. • Any contact to the throat, genitals, back of the neck, or spine is forbidden. • Joint striking is prohibited • Strikes to the spinal column, brain stem, sinus, throat, genital area are forbidden. • No outside toe holds, knee locks, heel hooks or muscle slices. Bending less than three fingers is considered illegal. Straight knee and ankle locks are legal. • No grabbing of gloves or clothing. No skin grabbing or pinching • Mandatory 8 count for knock down • Referee reserves the right to stop the fight at any time or move fighters from edge of ring • Scoring based on each round 10/9/8 system • MMA style gloves (WILL BE SUPPLIED) • Must wear mouth piece and groin protection - shin guards optional

REGARDING ALL STYLES OF COMPETITION: The following are strictly forbidden: a. Slamming an opponent on their neck or head. b. Back breaking techniques c. Clawing or pressing against the throat d. Stomping on the head when your opponent is on the ground. Not engaging in or evading the fight. No exiting the ring. No pretending to be hurt. No gauze, lubricants

2990 Grace Lane, Costa Mesa



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