Travis “KnucklesUp” in Recent Matches

Apr 19th 2011

Monique Travis

Monique “Moe” Travis is an undefeated 3-time World Champion Muay Thai fighter (she currently holds three belts).  Travis started her career as a member of KnuckleUp fitness in Atlanta, GA, where she remains an instructor today.   At 4'11" and at one point weighing in at over 180lbs Travis is now 115lbs, is 9-0 and is training to be a professional MMA fighter. Travis has also served as a model for women entering the sport of MMA and was featured in a news segment, focused on women, fitness and the obstacles that Travis has overcome to get where she is now.

Monique “Moe” Travis Kick

Over the last year Travis has amassed an astounding professional resume including recent victories at the US Nationals in February where she took 2nd in both Gi and non-Gi competition.  More recently in March, Travis picked up two additional belts; the IKF Fly Weight Champion Women's Muay Thai belt, and the Bangkok Fight Night Fly Weight Champion Women's Muay Thai belt. 

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