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What Advice Would You Give To An MMA Newcomer?

Jul 22nd 2011

We asked our Facebook fans and followers to weigh-in on this issue. We asked them:

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into MMA?

We got a myriad of interesting responses we wanted to share with you and then you can weigh in.

Ur Wun Trukween:

This is really 4 anything..yes you can & do more than ur best!!
Wilton Bunn:

It is hard and their will be days you don't want to workout. But if you stop trying then it is not for you
Craig Campbell:

Have fun!!!!! If you dont enjoy what you do why do it?
Daniel Perez:

Train Muay Thai!!!!
Joe Drowns:

work your cardio! Nothing you learn really matters if you are to tired to use it
Brandon Richardson:

Pick a discipline, and master it. Do not merely become novice in several styles in an attempt to be diverse.
Jamaal Hayes:

Be Humble.
Katie Deuce Deuce:

KATIE SAYS: keep your confidence...beleive in yourself...and always push yourself further then the day before :)
Chad Cox:

Watch one of Wanderlei Silva's Pride fights first and see if you still want to do it.
Tommy Thomas:

Stay humble, train hard, and never quit!!
Chris Wilson:

You need to train like a champion to become a champion.
Trent Stepp Simple:

Keep your hands up.

Now its your turn to weight in. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into MMA?


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