Zidek Awarded For Patience

Jun 2nd 2011

Getting started in MMA is difficult, paying for gear, training for fights that don't happen, injuries, enough variables to make your head spin.  Revgear Ambassador James Zidek shows how patience, dedication and training can pay off as he heads into three fights before the year is out.

Zidek has had 6 opponents back out of fights since last July.  So Zidek has spent his time  doing alot of training for no one.  Some might get discouraged, but not Zidek.  After waiting Zidek received a  2-day notice fight 2 weeks ago and decided to take it.

While Zidek ended up losing in a decision to the hometown boy in the state finals of Combat USA, he is not deterred. Zidek had this to say about his opponent, "he was scared to fight so he hugged me for 3 rounds and even his hometown fans were booing him."

Because of Zidek's training and preparation, he has garnered three more PPV fights between now and the end of the year.  "Good things are coming and i'm glad to have good sponsors like you," added Zidek.

"Everyone always asks me who to get equipment from and I just point to the banner on the wall and say Revgear!"

Thanks for sharing James, Revgear wishes you the best of luck in your upcoming fights.

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