Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard - Stars & Stripes

Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard - Stars & Stripes


Product Description

Rep the unmistakable stars and stripes of the U.S.A. with this high quality mouth guard!

  • Engineered by dentists for accurate, flexible and confident fit
  • Ergonomically designed shape that molds better at lower temperatures for customized fit
  • Controlled thickness in key areas provides optimal protection
  • Great suction creates the ease to breathe and talk
  • Advanced application process ensures graphics long-lasting wear
  • Fightdentist brand is the closest fit to a customized guard at a great value
  • Can be worn with braces 


Product Reviews

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  1. I got what I paid for

    Posted by Ariel on Jun 20th 2015

    Been sparring more till have my teeth mouth bleeds a bit but I have sensative gums so no biggie

  2. Great mouthguard

    Posted by Freddie on Sep 24th 2014

    The Fight Dentist mouth guard was just what I was looking for. I needed something for an international event so I purchased the U S flag pattern. I believe it provides better protection than cheaper ones that are offered out there. I try and purchase as much of my training gear as possible from Revgear.

  3. Great fit, easy to use

    Posted by M J on Nov 6th 2013

    Mouth guard came with instructions on how to fit. It's your typical boil-n-bite process. I was skeptical the front design wouldn't hold up after seeing the pictures but I tried to peel it off with my nail and it's on there real good. The boiling water didn't affect it at all. An added bonus of the front design is it doesn't hold water/saliva so it's easy to rinse that front part off before i clean it. I followed the instructions and the first fitting didn't work that great. I followed them to a tee and even had a timer out. The guard didn't conform to my teeth that well and even when I was pushing it in with my fingers it didn't create a great fit. I put it back in the boiling water and left it in for an extra 5 seconds and let it cool for a few seconds less. It was hotter and a bit more uncomfortable but it gave a great fit after that.I've used it 5 times now in BJJ and it stays where you put it and it's much easier to talk with than my other shockdoctor guard i used previously. Product itself is 5/5 stars but the only thing i feel that could be improved is the boil-n-bite process because it didn't give me a good fit following the instructions.

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Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard - Stars & Stripes

Fightdentist Boil & Bite Mouth Guard - Stars & Stripes

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