Gel Hand Wraps

Gel Hand Wraps


Product Description

* Articulated finger loops
* Anti-Shock Rev-Tech Gel™ Padding
* Neoprene for extra comfort
* Exclusive Ultra-Lock™ Hook and Loop Closure
* Built-in 120" Elastic Wrap
* Can be worn under gloves
* One size fits most

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  1. Gel Hand Wraps

    Posted by Ron Walters on Aug 9th 2017

    I love the ease of using the gel wraps but honestly the stitches become frayed from extended usage. The other thing I wish is if the wrap portion was a thicker material. More like the thickness of the Rev Gear 180 wraps so that when doing JKD without gloves or inserting into boxing gloves the material doesn't stretch and roll out of place around the thumb and wrists. I have other Rev Gear stuff such as shin guards, mits, gloves, 180 wraps, fight shorts, etc. all purchase through my gym and would rate them as excellent products. I just wish these gel wraps were made just a little more durable.

  2. Not a bad product

    Posted by Jim from Worcester on Dec 25th 2016

    This product does offer plenty of support and protection. Problem occurs when you put your gloves on. I wear 16oz gloves and if you don't wrap tight enough your gloves are hard to get on. If you wrap too tight your hands/gloves are uncomfortable. Just be aware. Would I buy them again, probably.

  3. Love the hand wraps

    Posted by Aprocks on Jun 11th 2016

    I have purchased 4 pair of wraps, two for myself and two for my daughter and we love them!! They comfortable and easy to put on and take off when training.

  4. Saves time and feel GREAT!

    Posted by Jason Epps on Apr 7th 2014

    You have better things to do besides constantly fixing your hand wraps! In class we take turns holding pads and hitting them, traditional wraps constantly come unraveled. Now my students can focus on training and not fixing their equipment!

  5. I can tell when Im punch w/Gel (wraps)

    Posted by Scott Dorr on Jan 3rd 2013

    Under the Revgear Platinum leather boxing gloves you have the perfect combo for long and heavy training sessions.

  6. Exceptionable hand wraps

    Posted by Aaron on Aug 21st 2012

    I have eczema and these hand wraps work great. The material is very similar to scuba diving material. Sometimes the regular wraps can be somewhat abrasive on your hands but these are not that way. It is also nice to have the gel around the knuckle section so you don't have to continuously wrap you knuckles. These wraps are great wraps and feel wonderful.

  7. Wraps

    Posted by Michael Coates on Jun 16th 2012

    Durable, comfortable, absorb lots of shock.

  8. Gel Handwraps

    Posted by Daniel Franklin on Mar 19th 2012

    They are awesome! They will take any abuse you can give them. I highly recommend. I will be buying more.

  9. These gloves rock?

    Posted by Karen Hanner on Mar 13th 2012

    I did not like having to wrap my hands everytime I went to workout but with these gloves it is simple and easy to to ready for your workout and the protect your hands better than the wraps.

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Gel Hand Wraps

Gel Hand Wraps

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