Hand Wrap Wash Bag

Hand Wrap Wash Bag


Product Description

  • Perfect for washing hand wraps and other small items
  • Mesh bag keep wraps from stretching out and knotting up during the wash cycle
  • Mesh bag prevents wraps from getting tangled with other clothes during the wash cycle
  • Important washing instructions: hand wrap colors can run in the laundry. Don't put your brightly colored hand wraps in the same load with your whites!


Product Reviews

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  1. Simple And Effective

    Posted by Shawn on Aug 20th 2017

    Added it to my cart with other Revgear products almost as an afterthought, but has made cleaning wraps waaaaaay easier. Great size to fit multiple wraps and very durable in the laundry with other times.

  2. Love It

    Posted by jojo on Feb 11th 2017

    It is a perfect size. (The others I looked at were too small.) Can fit several pairs of wraps. The zipper closure is perfect. It doesn't come undone, so your wraps will stay in.
    If you have wraps with really strong Velcro, it can still get through the mesh (that'd be any mesh, though) and attach to clothes, so make sure to fold the velcro closed.

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Hand Wrap Wash Bag

Hand Wrap Wash Bag

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