Fightdentist Junior Boil & Bite Mouth Guard | for Boxing and Martial Arts | Stars & Stripes

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Also available in other colors and styles.

Specially designed and sized for youths, this mouth guard sports the unmistakable stars and stripes of the U.S.A! With up to 3 times the protection of conventional mouth guards.

Has a convertible strap that can attach to a helmet, making it suitable for any sport.

  • LIKE CUSTOM – BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST: Boil-N-Mold gets fitted to the shape of your mouth – just like a custom made-to-order mouth guard.
  • DESIGNED BY DENTISTS: Engineered by dentists for accurate, flexible and confident fit and the ultimate protection and comfort.
  • EASIER TO BREATHE AND TALK: With a perfect fit comes a perfect suction, that makes it much easier to breathe and talk.
  • PROTECTS SENSITIVE GUMS: SportShield Technology™ and double injection molding allows the guard to mold above the gum line, providing added protection to sensitive gums, lips and facial tissues susceptible to injury during orafacial trauma.
  • UP TO THREE-TIMES THE PROTECTION: With a density of up to 4mm in thickness in key areas, Fight Dentist™ mouth guards provide up to 3 times the protection and five times the durability of other mouth guards, out-lasting and out-performing traditional EVA guards in both protection and durability.


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